Indexed Interest: A Powerful "Safe Money" Strategy

What if you could earn double-digit interest when the market performs well, while never taking a loss when it crashes? Would you feel more secure knowing your money isn't subject to Wall Street’s whims?

Indexed Interest is a feature of certain financial contracts that does just that. Your money grows during the “good” years in the market (sometimes even outperforming the market) but never loses money in “bad” years.

Your gains are locked in each year, so you never have to worry about losing interest that you previously earned.

Contracts that credit Indexed Interest can also contain provisions that allow for tax-free access to your money and can guarantee an income stream that you will never outlive.

Indexed Interest is a powerful way to save for retirement with enhanced security and less risk. Consider how some of these features and benefits could apply to your situation:

  • Enjoy market gains while never taking a market loss
  • Earn Indexed Interest of nearly 10% when the S&P 500 only returns 7%
  • Know exactly how much income your investment is guaranteed to produce in four years
  • Access exclusive and proprietary market indices that offer broad diversification and low volatility (e.g. one that would have grown 17.15% while the S&P 500 tanked -47.36% from 1999-2001)
  • Create a tax-free retirement income that you can never outlive

S&P 500 vs. Indexed Interest

Performance of S&P 500 (w/ dividends) vs. Indexed Interest based on S&P 500 (capped at 12%)

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