It is time for a fresh perspective.

Safe & Simple Financial LLC is an independent financial advisory firm specializing in wealth creation, protection, and transfer while using the principles of “Safe Money”.

We are fiercely independent and thus have no external pressures or restrictions on the solutions we offer.

Our unique and innovative strategies offer competitive, safe growth with reduced risk. Some options involve special tax advantages that can provide tax-free retirement income.

Our strategies are different than the commonplace and riskier approach of most conventional advice.

As a fiduciary, we are committed to acting in your best interest. While we have a wide array of tools to use, what we do might not always be the best solution for your situation. In those cases, we will be pleased to refer you to another firm.

We are accountable to you. We don't have quotas, hierarchies, or broker/dealers to please. Just you.




How much do I need for retirement?

Enjoy clarity and peace by knowing your retirement is planned and adequately funded.

Our strategies help you save and invest without excessive risk and the wild swings of Wall Street's Roller Coaster.




How should I invest my money?             

We offer portfolio management in partnership with some of the best investment managers in the world.

We harness the power of institutional investments in your personal portfolio, while reducing risk by up to 80%. 




How much insurance do I need?             

Insuring your income against premature death or disability is the foundation of financial security.

Our advanced life insurance strategies provide powerful ways to help grow, protect, and transfer wealth.