Complimentary Services

People today are rightly wary of meeting with a financial advisor. How can they know if the advisor is trustworthy? How can they be sure their best interests will come first?

Like any relationship, a successful financial advisory relationship is based on trust. Trust must be earned, not simply or casually given.

Before contacting an advisor, you have to be aware to some extent of your needs. There is so much information available that it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

At Safe & Simple Financial, it all starts with a friendly conversation. There is nothing to buy and no commitments to keep, other than scheduling a more in-depth discussion if deemed mutually beneficial.

We want to help you better understand your financial situation and available options – even if you don’t become a client.

To this end, we offer several very powerful tools and services to help you discern if our strategies and solutions may be helpful to your situation. There is no cost or obligation for these complimentary services, except of course a little time spent talking and sharing about you.

Social Security Maximization Analysis

There are 531 ways to claim Social Security benefits! Which one is right for you and your family?

One simple mistake or misjudgment of the program can cost you thousands of dollars that you rightfully deserve.

We guarantee to show you your optimal retirement strategy when claiming your Social Security income.

We’ll run a report highlighting only the best strategies you and your family have available so you can get a clearer picture as to what your optimal retirement age would be.

Some clients have been able to increase their monthly benefit by over 100%!

“Wealth Beyond Wall Street” Blueprint

Get a free, no-obligation Blueprint where you’ll discover a foundational financial strategy the ultra-wealthy use to never lose money in the stock market.

Your Wealth Beyond Wall Street Blueprint will show you:

  • A way to safely grow wealth out of the Wall Street Roller Coaster
  • How to beat inflation with a rate of return much higher than banks or CD’s
  • How to protect yourself from future tax increases
  • How much tax-free income you can expect to have in retirement

Life Insurance Audit and Verification Service

If you have an existing life insurance policy, how do you know if it is performing like it should? Has an advisor followed up with you annually to review it?

With this complimentary service, we will undertake the following tasks on your behalf:

  • Gather data
  • Compare policy performance
  • Verify company stability
  • Verify ownership and beneficiary designations
  • Review health rating
  • Market analysis and preparation of summary

Many things have changed in the last ten years. From plummeting interest rates to improvements in the medical field, things are not what they were even five years ago.

Many of our clients purchased life insurance and have never had that insurance reviewed to see if they could be saving money. By reviewing your existing insurance policy, you may be able to save thousands of dollars per year.