You may be wondering, 
how safe… and how simple?


 “Safe Money” is a set of strategies and products that focus on reducing risk and protecting principal, while still offering competitive gains that in some cases outperform benchmark indices.

Too often, people overly focus on the return they get on their money, and as a result they risk the return of their money! Our strategies incorporate ways to limit or eliminate risk of market loss, which over time can achieve superior results to other investment philosophies.


So what does simple mean? By simple, we mean that we will take the time to explain your strategies and investments in a way that you can understand. Admittedly, some strategies are more complex than others! We don’t stop with “legal” disclosures; we explain “moral” disclosures too. These are the things we believe you should know about, the things that we would disclose to a close friend or family member. In this way, we're actually giving you more details and information that most advisors would, but with an emphasis on the big picture.

A financial product or investment is a vehicle to get you and your money from point A to B. When you drive a car, you need to know about the vehicle’s safety features, as well as what could go wrong. But driving the car is simple enough. In the same way, we carefully explain our recommendations so that you can experience the confidence and ease of knowing how your financial vehicle will get you to your destination as safely and easily as possible.